We live in a society of everyone looking to find fault or blame with people. So I need to disclaim some ish so you can’t sue me or come at me in my DM’s.

Look. I am a human. I make mistakes. I have dyslexia and honestly, that’s pretty on brand. I will probably have a ton of typos. Feel free to point them out. Just don’t be an arse about it, mmkay?

All opinions on products I use and/or recommend are always entirely my own.

I’m probably going to say something that offends you. So just know that right off before you idolize me and then try to cancel me. I’m not claiming to be all perfect so don’t hold me to that standard. Look elsewhere for someone who always says and does the correct stuff that you agree with. If you want something sugarcoated that never lets you down, idk eat some kind of pastry or something.

I use an automated calculator in a widget for my recipes. This can produce inaccuracies in the nutrition info provided due to human error or computer glitches. I do my best to make it as accurate as possible, but remember I’m a dyslexic human using a tech gadget while I am not-so-good-at-tech. I will try to get it just perfect for you, but just don’t sue me if you find out the Vitamin A is 2 tenths lower than what the computer said. The same applies to US Customary to Metric conversions. The computer gadget I use to convert is automated but (for whatever reason) won’t calculate dry spices in tsp and Tbsp format. I did my best to convert to grams but I don’t know squat about the metric system. Have some grace and use your noggin if the conversion feels wrong.

ALRIGHT STOP… COLLABORATE AND LISTEN! If you hear nothing else that I say, hear ye hear ye: you know what you like. Feel free to play with and tweak my recipes the way you want… BUT WITHIN LIMITS. Don’t take a recipe that has the main flavor of garlic and switch it to celery and then come at me all mad that it came out all weird and gross. I didn’t do that! You did that mess. So don’t substitute every ingredient or quantity and then come at me all angry telling me that my recipe sucked.